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Aviagen Anadolu Hosted Open-Day Tour of leading-Edge Facilities

written by vano group December 15, 2018
Aviagen Anadolu Hosted Open-Day Tour of leading-Edge Facilities


TMEA distributors and GP customers experience the latest in farm, hatchery and laboratory design

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – On Nov. 5 and 6, Aviagen® Anadolu, based in Ankara, Turkey, opened the doors of its leading-edge facilities to Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and  Ross® distributors and GP customers from throughout Turkey, the Middle East and Africa (TMEA). During this open-day event, the Aviagen Anadolu team showcased one of its state-of-the art grandparent farms, pointing out advanced features for optimum efficiency and bio-security, and sharing best operational and management practices.

image inside the Anadolu lab

Another highlight was a visit to the recently built, stand-alone feed decontamination unit, which produces bio-secure feed for grandparent farms, along with a tour of the company’s fully accredited, TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency), diagnostics laboratory which uses up-to-date testing procedures.

Committed to strengthening customer success

The popularity of the Aviagen brand portfolio continues to grow in the TMEA region, and Aviagen Anadolu invests substantially in the region to keep pace with the strong demand. The company’s strategy is to build, expand and upgrade its facilities to the highest standards.

According to Aviagen Anadolu General Manager John McGrellis, his team’s goal for the Open Day was to give the visitors an opportunity to view the facilities and share with them all aspects of production, construction and best operational practice for replicating similar operations in their home countries.

“Aviagen Anadolu works as a team with our TMEA distributors and customers, and welcomes opportunities to collaborate on recent innovations and methods that strengthen their businesses,” he says. “Because we’re committed to their success, we continually invest in the quality and health of our birds, and in sustaining a long-term supply to the growing TMEA market.”

Michael Garden, Aviagen business manager for TMEA, added: “Our distributors are a vital part of the PS supply chain and play a very important role in supplying and promoting Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross chicks in their countries.  To meet growing demand and in line with our commitment to quality, our distributors are required to consistently invest in cutting-edge facilities to maintain an uninterrupted supply of healthy chicks throughout the region.  Opening up Aviagen Anadolu’s doors to them during their recent visit, inspired our guests to focus on future investment in their facilities.”

image of the tour group at the Anadolu lab

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