The common denominator between animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use is animal health. Animal health is strongly determined by the hygiene of drinking water. That is why hygienically clean drinking water is essential. And the best part is: you can also very easily use water to support animal health with liquid animal supplements.

Powerful disinfectant for a hygienic clean result
Removal of pollution and biofilm in drinking systems
Optimal effect of medication, vaccines and additives
through clean drinking systems
Lower corrosivity than other disinfectants
Environment friendly: dissolves in water and oxygen
Ultimate Acid
Effective digestion
Supports natural gastric barrier
Assists in better FCR by supporting digestion and utilization of nutrients
Supports intestinal flora and gut function
Stimulates the young animal in body development
Netherlands Category: Feed Supplements, Metabolism Boosters, Composition Components Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin Dᴣ Dosage and method of application The supplement is used to balance animal feeding according to the vitamins included in its composition. Prescription Do not drink together with other supplements or drugs. Dosage and method of application Drinking with water at a dose of 200 – 500 ml of the additive per 1000 liters of water for 3 – 5 days. Side Effects If you follow the instructions, no. Expiration date 24 months. Dosage and method of application Store ADᴣEK in the manufacturer’s container away from heat supply elements in a place protected from light, inaccessible to children and animals, separate from products food and fodder, at a temperature from 5 º to 25 ºС. Packaging Polyethylene bottles of 1 l, canisters of 5 and 10 l.

Cal Clean®
Cal-Clean is a clear fluid, suitable for removal of lime-stone and other mineral deposits in drinking system, tiles and other surfaces. As a low foaming cleaner it is a very powerful remover of anorganic deposits (lime, kettle stone, rust, etc.).Whilst Cal-Clean is easy flushed away, no deposits will remain on surfaces.

Fresh breathing
Has a positive influence on the consequences of heat stress
Stimulates dissolving of (superfluous) mucus
Assists the reduction of mucus as a result of vaccination reaction
Enlightening effect on breathing
Menthol has a cooling effect on the animal

It consists of a group of vitamins and amino acids used during periods of stress and challenges to reach the optimal performance of herds is used after giving medicines and to support the digestion process and as a nutritional supplement added with drinking water
The dose is 1 liter per 2000 liters of drinking water

Nutritional energy boost
Readily available energy
Nutritional support for low feed intake
Improved performance
Supports start-up of the laying period