Rasun Co.

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Rasun Co.

Rasun Co, part of the Vano Group, is the first Grand parent Poultry company in Iraq.

Rasun is Ross GP distributor for Iraq with a significant capacity to meet the growing demand for Ross 308 Parent Stock (PS) and Ross broilers in the country.

RasunCo. has state of the art GP farm and PS hatcheries, two feed mills, veterinary and feed labs, a slaughter house and processing plant. These investments are a direct reflection of the on-going success of, and increased demand for, Ross stock in Iraq.

Under the banner of Rasun Co and the strong technical support provided by Rasun Co., Ross 308 has proven to be of great value to Iraqi poultry producers and performance has been exceptional which has led to a significant rise in demand.

Rasun Co. remains at the forefront of further expansions and development of Poultry Industry in Iraq.