Vano Feed Mill

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Vano Feed Mill

As part of the integrated poultry activities, Vano Feed Mill was established in 2011 to meet the growing requirements of the feed for Rasun Co as well as other poultry producers in Iraq.

Vano Feed Mill is part of our ongoing strategy to support and boost the poultry industry in Iraq with quality poultry feed rations.

Vano Feed Mill is fully automated and capable of producing feed for grandparent stock (GPS), Parent Stock (PS) and broilers. Quality-finished feed product and feed hygiene are the top priorities.

Vano Feed Mill is strategically located to supply and meet the requirements of our customers in Iraq and Kurdistan.


Key Facts of Vano Feed Mill:

  • Capacity 10 Mt/hour
  • Vertically designed, Full automatic and electronically controlled
  • Kind of feed; pasteurized Mash, crumble and pellet for poultry, livestock and fish
  • Quality control of raw material and finish feed executed thorough Vano`s modern Feed Laboratory to detect both nutrient contents and mycotoxins
  • Ability to supply both bagged and bulky feed
  • Strategically located; on Main Erbil- Kirkuk road, 5 minutes from check points