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Vano Group has a long history in the field of agriculture in general and the poultry sector in particular. It is a leading and brilliant name in Iraq and at the regional level as well, because its products are complying with international specifications and standards, so it is always worthy of the trust of its customers.

VG plays a major role in securing and protecting food security at the national and regional levels, as well as in the development of the poultry sector in Iraq.

Vano Group worked continuously to provide the best services in the field of production and veterinary medicines and then distributed them in the markets at competitive prices to serve the sector.

It actively participates in conferences and meetings related to poultry affairs and is known for being a fierce advocate for local products. It was also able, with its practical and scientific interventions and suggestions, to remove many obstacles and solve many problems that were facing the development of local production at the level of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

One of its most prominent projects is Rasun Grandparents Poultry, where the project produces broiler breeder chicks, which in turn secures and maintains broiler chickens for the Iraqi markets, also the presence of this project encouraged many large and medium size farms for resuming and growing broiler breeders, Rasun GP Farms considered one of the strategic projects and the backbone of the poultry industry in the country for its direct role in ensuring food security.

Since its inception, Vano Group has provided and equipped the best veterinary supplies, including vaccines, medicines feed premixes for the Iraqi market, taking into account the quality and affordable prices, which made it gain remarkable market share in the country, and it also own necessary refrigerated and advanced warehouses to store and keep vaccines, medicines, and premixes in an adequate and suitable Scientific manner until it reaches the farms and end users.

Vano Group with the help of its partners was able to develop the technical capacities of hundreds of personals and scientific cadres for itself and customers, including agricultural engineers and veterinarians, and has become a school for developing capacities and qualifying cadres. Vano is proud that everyone who worked with it has become a successful cadre in the field of poultry, and it is proud of serving this community.

VG has organized many Seminars and Training courses for its clients inside and outside Iraq. It has been able to develop the level of cadres working in this field positively and it also organized many scientific courses for its customers inside and outside Iraq, through which it was able to develop the technical level of the participating cadres, and it reflected positively on the development of the sector at the level of Iraq. It is also proud to be funding and assisting many masters and doctoral students at the level of Kurdistan Region and Iraq. In addition to financing many social and youth activities.

Our history :

We can say that the history of Vano Group is the history of the emergence of the modern poultry industry in Iraq. The first steps began with Dr. (Salah Mustafa Bakir), who established his poultry farm in the early eighties of the last century, and it developed step by step until it became one of the foundations of the poultry industry in Iraq. Vano Group was able to take the lead in the Iraqi market and became worthy of everyone’s trust. Vano was established in Erbil Governorate in 2003 and was initially focused on trading, as it was the first company to import veterinary vaccines from a well-known European company officially and directly with refrigerated trucks and deliver them to the Iraqi market. It was the first company to introduce the concept of (pellet) feed to poultry owners and organized seminars about it.

Vano Group believes that it is necessary to rely on local production, so it established the Rasun grandparents project in 2006 to produce broiler breeders, as building such a project at that time was a great achievement and a big step for the development of the poultry sector in Iraq, knowing that the project is ongoing in high-quality production so far.

It is also proud of being the first poultry company that was able to export its products outside Iraq, and this is evidence that its products have a good reputation in the world and enjoy high quality and international specifications and standards.

It is also the first company that was able to invest in and organize a special seminar outside Iraq and transport the participants from agricultural engineers, veterinarians, and project owners by private plane outside the country, and these events are still repeated annually.

It was able to implement many projects in the field of poultry for investors, where the latest machines and modern technologies were used, which in turn led to a significant reduction in production costs, and these projects are still distinctive signs at the level of Iraq.

VG has also implemented some projects in cooperation with United Nations programs at the level of Iraq, and all the projects that have been implemented are referred to as model projects, as hundreds of owners of poultry fields have benefited from them, in addition to the fact that international organizations that always consult Vano Group on matters related to the development and revitalization of the poultry sector Agriculture and livestock in Iraq.

Vano Group is a pioneer in the field of creating job opportunities, it has now more than 150 employees working in its facilities from the people of the country and various nationalities and ethnicities. Training courses are organized for them on an ongoing basis to keep pace with development and keep pace with the progress made in their field of specialization.

Mission and Vision:

The mission is to continue to develop local production and provide high-quality veterinary supplies for Iraq and the region.

The vision is to Rehabilitate and revitalize the poultry sector with high quality, to play its supposed role in maintaining and ensuring food security for the people of Iraq and the region.

Vano Group consists of these companies:

Rasun Grandparents Company:

it is established in 2006, considered one of the leading and pioneer companies and one of the most important Vano Group members. It implements the most important activities and projects, from raising grandparents’ chickens to producing hatching eggs. Rasun grandparent farms are built on an area of 240 Doums, which is located in a mountainous remote area in the upper part of Shaqlawa district in Erbil Governorate, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.

The project consists of four poultry farms with a capacity of 1.6 million female parent stock, and the same number of byproducts meat chicks to produce broiler meat.

The project also contains a state of art GP Hatchery for the production of parent-stock chicks with a capacity of more than 4.5 million eggs per year.

The project was established according to international standards, and all scientific guidelines were taken into account, so the project is considered one of the leading projects in the region.

Rasun Company is the main agent for the UK-based Aviagen Group brand (Ross 308) and there is a high demand for this type of chicken.

Rasun Company produces more than 12 million eggs annually and distributed them to hatcheries throughout Iraq.

Rasun products are distributed mainly inside Iraq, knowing that it is the leader in exporting its products outside to many countries.

Vanovet Company:

This company is specialized in the field of commercial trading and the provision of services within the Vano Group. It owns the agency for many International companies in Iraq. One of its most important duties is to provide high-quality Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Feed Premixes to companies operating within the Vano Group.

Note that Vano Group make necessary experiments for all the inputs inside the company to ensure their quality, before distributing them in the market. That’s why it’s trusted by customers.

Our Partners:

Aviagen-Ross: The Ross 308 satisfies the demands of customers who require a bird that performs consistently well and has the versatility to meet a broad range of end-product requirements. The Ross 308 breeder produces a high number of eggs combined with good hatchability to optimize chick cost in situations where broiler performance is important.

The Ross 308 is recognized globally as a broiler that will give consistent performance in the broiler house. Integrated and independent producers value the growth rate, feed efficiency, and robust performance of the Ross 308.

KOMIPHARM International: A South Korean Company established in 1972 as Komilab, which is the former name, Komipharm, has gone straightly to the best animal medicine production development and delivery. Today, Komipharm used a current company name from 2004 with developing an anti-cancer medicine with new materials. Komipharm has continued an invest in various research and development on animal health and expanded to do a business in human medicine as well.

KANTERS: A Dutch company, they established the first lab in 1988, they are specialists in water quality and treatment for the use of animals because water is important for the health and develop animals. using Kanters products in water increases feed efficiency and led to better FCR.  Kanters obtained many international certificates like ISO and GMP.

SOCOREX: is a family-owned Swiss company located in Ecublens near Lausanne. Precision liquid dosing has been their strength for over 55 years. they are a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-end precision dosing instruments for liquid handling in laboratories and animal health injections. Designed with the user and their applications in mind, their Swiss-made product lines combine reputable metrological high performance, material stability, and durability as well as unsurpassed innovative and unique specifications.

VANOMIX: A Vano Group brand, feed premix, contains all the necessary components of minerals and vitamins that cover the bird’s needs at the growing and production stages. VANOMIX is recognized by the competitors that are formulated scientifically and especially for the breed of birds that are commonly grown in Iraq. Adequate concentration and quality of the components are the main reason to make VANOMIX a favorite premix to obtain the best FCR, Eggs Numbers, and Hatchability, this high-quality premix is made by DSA group Turkey.

Al-Kindi: Animal Health company is an Iraqi company established in 1990 in Baghdad to produce pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products related to the protection of the national animal resources.