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written by Vano Group June 25, 2020

Komipharm, as top leading Animal Health Company, have been producing a wide range of veterinary vaccines and veterinary pharmaceuticals to keep livestock and companion animals productive and healthy, engaging in various research and development activities e.g. bacterial and viral isolation and genetic research.

In addition, we are recognized as technology-driven company, awarded “INNO-BIZ (Innovation Business) company” by the small & medium Business Administration, acquired “Technology rating certificate” (technology rating class: AA) and Venture company by The Korea Technology Finance Corporation, including various award record and patent rights.

Experts predict that the wealth of the country will be assessed by bio-industry or biotechnology sector in 21st century. To the flow of time, we, Komipharm, would play our roles to become Bio-Field pioneer, devoting ourselves to the development of new veterinary vaccine using genetic recombinant and expression technology, by the operation of animal disease diagnosis center for rapid and accurate diagnosis, and the development of anti-cancer drug, KOMINOX, which enables to treat patients without any side effect by destroying cancer cell’s gene though the direct attack of telomere.


Product Description 

Inactivated tetravalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Avian Influenza, Infectious Bronchitis (IBV:M41 strain) + Infectious Bronchitis (IBV:QX strain) Newcastle Disease infection in chicken 

 nactivated Avian Influenza Virus (A/chicken/korea/01310/2001(H9N2) CE20)
• Inactivated Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV;KM-QXE10 strain)
• Inactivated Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV : M41 strain)
 Inactivated Newcastle Disease Virus (ND Ulster 2C strain).


Product Description 

Inactivated pentavalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Avian Influenza, Infectious Bronchitis (IBV:M41 strain)+ Infectious Bronchitis (IBV:QX strain), Newcastle Disease, and Egg Drop Syndrome infection 

 • Inactivated Avian Influenza Virus (A/chicken/korea/01310/2001 (H9N2), CE20)
• Inactivated infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV:KM-QXE10 strain)
• Inactivated infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV:M41 strain)
• Inactivated Newcastle Disease Virus (ND: Ulster 2C strain)
• Inactivated Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS, K-11 strain)


Product Description 

 Inactivated multivalent viral vaccine for the prevention of Highly Pathogenic Avian lnfluenza(H5N1 and H5N6) and Newcastle Disease infection in chicken 
 HA recombinant antigen of H5 type Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus [A/duck/Korea/ES2/2016 (H5N6) derived HA protein]
Newcastle Disease Virus[NDV, Ulster 2C strain.

PRO-VAC™ Coryza-3

Product Description 

Inactivated trivalent vaccine for the immunization against infectious Coryza (IC) infection and alleviation of clinical sign in chicken 

 •Avibacterium paragallinarum serotype A (0083 strain)
•Avibacterium paragallinarum serotype B (0222 strain)
•Avibacterium paraga/linarum serotype C (Modesto strain)
•Aluminum hydroxide Gel


Product Description 


Inactivated Salmonella gallinarum culture fluid


Route: S.C. (Subcutaneously) or I.M. (Intramuscularly)

Dosage: 0.5mL/ dose

Vaccination regime

-After 1st vaccination with inactivated (Gel) vaccine, inject 0.5mL subcutaneously in the lower part of the neck or intramuscularly around breast muscle site

– If there might be possibility of disease onset or already onset, boost inactivated (Gel) vaccine after 6 months.


Product Description 

Inactivated bivalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza (LPAI) and Newcastle Disease Infection in Chicken 


•Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza virus [A/CK/Kor/01310/2001 (H9N2), CE20 strain]


 Newcastle Disease virus (NOV: Ulster 2C strain) • Montanide ISA 70


Product Description 

Live bivalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis (IBV:QX strain) infection 

 • Newcastle Disease Virus (Ulster 2C)
 •Infectious bronchitis Virus (KMQXE120strain)  


Product Description 

Live bivalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Avian Encephalomyelitis and Fowl Pox infection



• Avian Encephalomyelitis virus (AEV: Calnek 1143 strain)

 Attenuated Fowl Pox virus (FPV: TCH strain)


Product Description 

Live monovalent viral vaccine for the immunization against Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro)
Attenuated Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV: KOMl-40 strain)

PRO-VAC™ ND Lasota

Product Description 

• Lengtogenic vaccine strain, Lasota strain •Suitable for mixing with other strain to eradicate Newcastle Disease



Product Description 

• Vaccination by various administration route i.e. oral (drinking water), ocular (eye-drop) and nasal (nasal drop), including spray method to 1-day old
• Superb safety and stability with ICPI 0 (Intracerebral Pathogenicity Index), Ulster 2C strain



Product Description 

Its compositions are Newcastle Disease virus (ND : B1 strain) and infectious Bronchitis virus (KH-120 strain). It is used for simultaneous immunization against Newcastle disease and IB No succeeding medication with antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection, cause from vaccination stress and temporary immune suppress



Product Description 

It is composed of Salmonella gallinarum 9 Rough Live strainSafety and efficacy evidenced with the outdoor field test. It is used for the prevention and weakening the disease of Fowl typhoid in laying hens and it helps with cost-effective egg production. It is produced with technical cooperation with Dragon Biotechnology Ltd in the U.K


SG uard

Product Description 

SG Guard contains bacteriophage to attack and eliminate the Salmonella gallinarum, causative agent for Fowl Typhoid (not affects to 9 rough strain for 9R VAC®) • SG Guard reduces the possibility to be infected with Fowl Typhoid by removing Fowl Typhoid bacteria contaminated in intestine • SG Guard helps in enhancing farm’s productivity by preventing horizontal and re-infection by Fowl Typhoid.





Product Description 

Live multivalent vaccine for the immunization against Canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and Leptospira infection 


• Attenuated Canine Distemper virus (LK strain).

• Attenuated Canine Infectious Hepatitis virus (DK strain).

  Attenuated Canine Parvovirus (FK strain).

• Attenuated Canine Parainfluenza virus (Penn strain).

Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae culture broth.